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There are so many videos for kyudo on Youtube. It can take some time to find the ones that can be really helpful. Here are some of the hanshi shooting, taikai competitions, various instructional videos that I find helpful. If you have some that are your favourite ones please let me know. I always love finding new stuff like this.

This is from Erick Moisy’s Youtube channel. He has put together some really wonderful stuff. I’ve watched this particular video countless times. The quality of the shooting and the taihai is combined with some very nice close shots so you can observe their tenouchi and hanare in detail. It’s been so helpful. Also have a look at his website There are some very good articles to be found. They are in French but google translate does a fair job of it so you can easily understand.

Satake Sensei has always been amazing to watch. Here movements are so smooth, strong and poised. So refined. She was one of the Hanshi at my very first seminar. Very deliberate with no wasted movement. This is from Kyudo Archives channel on Youtube. Lots more good stuff to watch there.

Shibata Sensei. I had the chance to see some video of his tenouchi up close that a friend had recorded. It is a little unusual compared to some of the other hanshi but it’s so incredibly refined. Nobia, the expansion, goes all the way through his hand and fingers. The bow floats in his hand during yugaeri. It’s amazing. Watch this video. He has some instability as he’s settling into kai but he overcomes it and has a beautiful release. This is from Kyudo Awabi channel on Youtube. Lots more good stuff to watch there as well. 

Hitotsu mato za-sharei is one of my favourites to watch and to perform. Honda sensei (he enters the shajo first) is one of the hanshi that i really like to observe. His hanare was so very sharp and powerful. Back in 2015 at the seminar in Nagoya I watched him walking around the dojo thinking about hanare going through the motions over and over to himself. This is from this channel on Youtube. 食べろ野菜 I put it through google translate and it says it means “Eat Vegetables” Maybe that’s not so good a translation. Still, check it out.