I’ve been working as a visual artist for more than 30 years now. Various applications have been graphic design, photography, vfx for film production and lighting for video games. For me most of life has been something of a visual study. Watching, observing, interpreting what you see in the world around you. I’ve been lucky in that my work has allowed me to travel and live in various places around the world. It’s given me glimpses of different ways of getting through this life.

About 10 years ago I was introduced to the practice of kyudo. In the course of my travels I’ve had the chance to be under the care of some wonderful teachers for which I am very grateful. As I now am focusing my attention on achieving the rank of Renshi (instructor) myself I think more about how all of this is tied together. Kyudo is something that requires careful thought and great attention to the smallest of details. In certain ways I think it closely parallels what I draw upon for my work.

I chose the domain name gentle-traveler for a number of reasons. I’ve always taken a softer approach to things, a bit quieter and meditative perhaps. I prefer to listen along as opposed to being out in front of conversations. Also, traveling, moving around and experiencing new places has been a great pleasure of mine for many years as well.

These days with social media and having little control over who owns what and how it’s viewed, I thought the old school approach of doing my own site would be amusing in a retro sort of way. Much of what I have here is reference for myself as well as an offering to others. Work friends might not have seen my kyudo stuff while my kyudo friends might not have seen my work stuff. I hope this is something that you will enjoy.

Best wishes to you all,