Cyberflix, Midway Games, Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive.

I’ve bounced back and forth between games and the film industry over the years. Developing an eye in both disciplines has helped me to bring understanding from one to the other.

Moving forward with the next gen consoles we are drawing ever nearer to being able to create imagery at film quality levels with real time tools. 

I’ve been working in the Naughty Dog engine for about 2 1/2 years now. Amazing what you can do in realtime these days. It’s a very technical pipeline but you can do some very precise, finessed lighting. Mid last year I was able to jump in and start work on some of the cinematics for this project. Beautiful environment lighting made for a very nice base to layer in the runtime lights on top. I’m so lucky to have had the chance to touch some of this and am so grateful to learn all i did.

Click the above photolink to see the Artstation art blast of lots of beautiful work for the rest of the game as well.