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Archery Links:

Kyudo:  The IKYF is the international organization governing the kyudo community throughout the world.  Nanka Kyudo Kai is the group I began with. Rick Beal is a wonderful teacher and mentor to me. I am grateful for his care in starting me along this path.  This is the official federation dojo here in Southern California. A wonderful group of people I have had a chance to study under in Los Angeles. Doug Sakurai is Sensei of this dojo.  This is the London Kyudo Society in the UK. Liam O’Brien Sensei is the highest ranking teacher outside Japan. I was very fortunate to have the chance to study here for several years recently. Wonderful group of people here! This is a great supplier of kyudo gear for people in the west. They have an English site and have no difficulty taking orders in English.  This is Jaap Koppedrayer’s site. He’s a bowmaker in the States. He has a wonderful knowledge of many types of bows including bamboo as well as horn bows as well. I had the opportunity to visit and help out a bit in his bamboo harvest. Good hard work and I learned a lot about bamboo! Don Symanski is a teacher and bowmaker in the States. He made the bow I’ve been using for the last several years. It’s been strong and stable. An excellent option for those of us here in the West.

British Longbow: The British Longbow Society is a group of traditional archers in the UK. I joined this group in 2013 and had the opportunity to join them for a shoot at Culzean Castle just down from Ayr on the southwest coast of Scotland. Lee made my longbow and arrows that I’ve been shooting with. It’s a brilliant piece with a draw strength of #45. I can easily reach out over 100 yards with it. It’s a joy to shoot. I’ve ordered bits from these guys several times. A really great supplier for traditional archery items.

          Hector Cole’s site. Amazing hand forged arrowheads!